Training, Workshops and Exercises

Charlie has a wide range of experience in designing, planning and facilitating various types of workshops and exercises. These can be used for awareness and training, building and testing knowledge, examining operating processes and procedures as well as many other applications. While most of these models are classroom based, the exercises are intended to immerse the participants in the situation, either in a tabletop or semi-live environment. Working through exercises allows the participants to be actively involved and discover if their knowledge and skills will work in a simulated environment, rather than simply being in a passive environment.

He believes passionately that good products and outcomes benefit from consultation to give them balanced views. Bringing together people with relevant knowledge, then working with them in workshops or other suitable environments to gather information that is pertinent to the project in hand is a particular skill.

Charlie’s philosophy is that while the participants are there to learn, they also possess valuable knowledge that can be used for the wider benefit of all, and so he takes great care to enable a useful and effective exchange of information that can be of benefit to the organisation and other attendees.

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